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Pascal Vuylsteker

Professional Status

Open to opportunities


About Me

Internet and Web explorer: 25 years' experience encompassing all aspects of web sites management and deployment of other internet tools.
Strong engineering background. Experienced in research and teaching at the Master level
Binational French/Australian


  • Project management
    A mix of Agile, Extreme Programming (XP) and Lean
  • Lecturing/Teaching
    Lecturer at Master level at the Australian National​ University for 5 years
  • Information Systems
    CMS, ERM, CRM, SIS, SaaS
  • Research
    Virtual Reality (VR)
    Panoramic imagery and media geolocation (GIS : Geographic Information System)
  • Consulting
    Video on the net, Media Asset Management platforms
  • Team management
  • International Relations
  • Web, Internet
    I sent my first email in 1990 and produced my first website in 1994
  • Higher Education
  • Panoramic Images
  • Virtual Reality (VR, AR)
  • French (Mother tongue)
  • English (Full professional proficiency)
  • Double nationality (French/Australian)
  • Internet, Web
    Front: HTML, CSS, Javascript, RSS, XML, VRML, QTVR, API
    Servers: HTTP (Apache, Netscape), News, FTP, LDAP, SSO/CAS, MySQL, SMTP, Perl
    Media: QuickTime, MPEG, MP4
    Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Lynx...
  • Computer Language
    C (Unix, Objective/Cocoa),
    PHP, Java, Pascal, Fortran,
    Javascript (Prototype),
    Perl, Shell, Applescript, ActionScript
  • System
    UNIX (MacOSX, Sun, Silicon Graphics, NetBSD, Linux),
    DOS, Windows
  • Software
    Word, Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Keynote,
    OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Acrobate,
    GoogleEarth, SkechUp,
    vi, Xcode (IDE), TextMate, AutopanoPro
  • SaaS
    Wrike, Producteev, Dashlane, Mailchimp,
    Vimeo, Flickr, Box, Issuu,
    HiveBrite, DoYouBuzz, JobTeaser